NQmed – Radio medical advice at sea

Normally, numerous injuries and illnesses overburden the knowledge and ability to act available aboard. Firm ground can only be reached after hours. Long transit times from the marina to the next doctor or hospital are a reality in many sailing areas. Besides, aboard the language barrier causes further complications in communication.



Together with emergency and specialized physicians of Univeritätsklinikum (University Hospital) Düsseldorf, skippers, professional yachtsmen, charter companies and boat owners, Nautisches Quartier developed NQmed. It is the first telemedical assistance service for sports- and leisure shipping. During the 2016 sailing season, NQmed was tested with clients of DP Ø7, the German costal radio stations.

Starting with the 2017 sailing season, medical advice at sea is available to all users* of NQmed. The advantages:

  • There is the Medical Sea Desk with operators available around the clock at the central emergency room of Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf (UKD),
  • Availability by VHF maritime radio (via coastal radio stations), phone, mobile or satellite phone around the clock,
  • Initial contact directly with a doctor,
  • Specialist physicians of all 32 departments of UKD are available through the Medical Sea Desk.

After your registration for NQmed you can voluntarily deposit medical data for yourself and your crew by encrypted transfer without additional charge. Examples are:

blood group, tetanus shot, past surgery, permanent medication and the contact data of your family doctor.

Use NQmed for a month, if you are sailing charter yachts or for the entire year – worldwide and for up to eight persons aboard. Also valid for changing crews during the season! Costs, including taxes, are:

Would you like to use NQmed as a club, a sailing school or a marina? Than do not hesitate to ask for a separate offer!

*NQmed is not available to US citizens.

For further information please visit our NQmed-Website.